In Beşiktaş, who will take a high-quality exam tomorrow with Kasımpaşa in terms of both herself and the league’s fate, Technical Director Sergen Yalçın said that she had no excuses.


It turned out that the experienced technical man said that every trouble will have a solution and the importance of this match is more than many big matches. Experienced technical man, who made evaluations on the Kasımpaşa match with both his assistants and football players, Almost everyone had a chance and played in this team. Although the names have changed, our understanding of the game has not changed and should not change. Shortcomings will not be an excuse for us when we come out. We have to win in a week when competitors can lose points. This is an opportunity week for us. Likewise, Alanyaspor match is reported to be a week of opportunity for us . / p>

Expressing that the three points earned in some parts of the fixture are more than three points, Sergen Yalçın said that the Kasımpaşa match also coincides with such a calendar.

Coach Yalçın therefore does not keep the struggles of Kasımpaşa and Alanyaspor separate from each other and prepares the whole team mentally and physically over these two matches.

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