Nisan 26, 2021 3

Beşiktaş coach Sergen Yalçın stated that they were sorry for the defeat at the press conference held after the match and said, “There were moments of breaking in the match. We had the chance to increase the score after getting ahead, but unfortunately we were not successful.” said. / p> Stressing that they had serious BETMATİK YAZI DEVAMI…


Nisan 25, 2021 3

Fenerbahçe’s new transfer, Mesut Özil, experienced the excitement of both playing in the home field for the first time and derby for the first time in the match where his team lost 1-0 to Galatasaray in Kadıköy. In the 63rd minute of the match, Mesut Özil, who was included in the game instead of Mert BETMATİK YAZI DEVAMI…


Nisan 24, 2021 2

President of the Bordeaux blue club Ahmet Ağaoğlu “ Abdullah is a teacher that we all know, know, who has proven his career, who has a place in Turkish football. As soon as the Trabzonspor community embraced it, it was very important for our community to embrace the teacher. Hodja started well, it will continue. BETMATİK YAZI DEVAMI…


Nisan 24, 2021 0

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