The Zibo Cuju club bought by Chinese businessperson He Shihau is worth about 2 million euros. While the staff of the team consists mainly of Chinese footballers, the new owner of the club He Shihua started to play his 126 kg son in the team.

His son, who was 126 kilograms, made a striker, they got 10 goals in 5 matches

The Chinese millionaire, who said that he did not give up his passion for football, also made his 126 kg son a striker in the team.

The Chinese businessperson, who gave himself the number 10 jersey of the team, became the agenda in social media with this move. Zibo Cuju team scored 1 point in 5 games in the league, scored 2 goals and scored 10 goals.

Club president He Shihua, who made his 126 kg son a striker and gave him the number 10 in the team, took him into the game in the 90th minute in the Sichuan Jiuniu match, where they drew 0-0.

Zibo Cuju has no win in 5 matches.

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