Mesut Özil appeared in the first 11 in the Ankaragücü game and remained in the game for 79 minutes.

The world-famous star, maybe could not contribute to goals and assists, but performed a performance that will go down in history in this match. Mesut hit in all 37 passing attempts.

His most striking statistic was that he played 28 passes in 28 in the opponent’s half court and 21 in the offensive zone. According to the statement made by Opta, Mesut Özil has been recorded as the first Fenerbahçeli player to achieve 100 percent passing success in both areas since the 2014-15 season, when detailed statistics in this field began to be kept.


The fact that the experienced midfielder came to the defense from time to time and made critical moves showed how willing and enthusiastic he was. Emre Belözoğlu is also extremely pleased with Mesut’s performance, which is getting better with each passing week. The good successful player is expected to be at 11 in the remaining two games.

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