Gökhan İnler, who won the championship with Adana Demirspor in TFF 1st League, talked about his experiences and his transfer choice at the beginning of the season and touched on his future.

Saying that he had a historical success, Gökhan İnler, “There were many offers at the beginning of the season, but it was a challenge that was very important to me. I had to burn my fire. I wanted to write a story again, like the championship we had in Zurich after 25 years. I wanted a story. “ said.


1. Experienced player who stated that he also struggled with the difficult conditions in the League, “There were very difficult bus journeys, difficult field conditions. I had to eat grass and ate grass. I chose this way. I rejected the offers from the big leagues.” Expressing that he has accomplished a special job, the 36-year-old football player said, “Things calmed down with the arrival of Samet Aybaba. Our new manager cleared everything and left us a clear path. There are not many players who can achieve what I have achieved here. Nobody can take this achievement from me. “ He said.


Gökhan, whose contract will expire at the end of the season, said, “I have lived in autumn, winter, spring and summer for the past 8 months. I will meet with the club management and see what they want. As long as I am fit, I will continue to stay on the field.” punctuated.

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