Trabzonspor overcame the Antalya obstacle with its stars … Bordeaux-Blues, who started the fight tremendously, got ahead with Nwakaeme’s goal from outside the penalty area.

The Nigerian football player broke the fast for 14 matches in the league. Trabzonspor missed the difference in the first half, and Abdülkadir Ömür took the stage at the beginning of the second half.

The young star, whose ankle was broken in the Konya match on January 19th, embellished his effective performance with goals in the match he started in the first 11 about 4 months later. Even though Antalyaspor reduced the difference to 1 with Amilton, it could not keep it and Fırtına Akyazı won the second consecutive win. Burgundy-Blues, which increased their score to 67, are 7 points ahead of their closest rival, Hatay.


Therefore, Trabzonspor, which has secured the 4th place, will appear in the UEFA Europa League next season. Fırtına, which will go to Konya on Tuesday, will complete the league with the fight against Gençlerbirliği in the last week. Abdullah Avcı and his students only target; To win these two matches and end the season with 73 points.

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