Beşiktaş faced Karagümrük in the 40th week of the Super League and lost 2-1 from the field.


In the 38th minute of the match, Adem Ljajic, who was injured in the shoulder and was edged, was replaced by Mensah. Beşiktaş made a statement about the health status of the Serbian football player today.

In the statement made, “Our football team played with Fatih Karagümrük in the 41st week of the Super League, our football player Adem Ljajic, who could not continue the game after falling on his shoulder in the bilateral fight with his opponent, it was determined that his right shoulder was removed, As a result of the first intervention performed by the medical team, the shoulder joint was placed in its place. The treatment of Adem Ljajic is continued by our healthcare team. used expressions.

He will be taken to Izmir with the Serbian midfield team. Whether or not to play will be decided on match day.

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