The champion will be determined with the matches that will be played in the 42nd week of the Super League. Galatasaray, who does not want to make a mistake on the way to the championship, also wants to get support from the audience.

No matter how many different Beşiktaş wins, the Yellow-Reds, who need to score more than 3 goals, are planning to turn the Türk Telekom Stadium into a feast.

“Let the fan come, let us pay the penalty”

There is pressure from the community to President Mustafa Cengiz, “Let’s pay whatever the punishment is, let fans come to the stadium”

Despite the days of crisis and chaos, Galatasaray, which is coming from behind and is very close to the championship rope, has been declared a complete shutdown! The team, which never camped in Istanbul during the season, will go to camp in the facilities right after today’s training.


Experienced players of the team try to motivate them to the New Malatya match by transferring their championship experiences to the youth.

The management also deposited all transfer receivables into the accounts in order to maximize the air in Florya.

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