There is great enthusiasm in Galatasaray, which destroyed the phobia of Kadıköy against Fenerbahçe and won its second victory in a row on the road.

In addition to the pleasure of defeating their historical opponent in the field, the yellow-reds, who also took the leadership seat, want to bring the end of the league without leaving the summit again.

Congratulating the players one by one in the locker room, Coach Fatih Terim said, Galatasaray always plays in the championship regardless of the circumstances. >

Continue with the same discipline

I am proud of all of you for your tactical discipline and your desire on the field said Fatih Hoca We have won a very important victory. All balances have changed at the summit. This was only three points for us. The meaning of this derby is that if we take the rope at the end of the season, I have already seen that light. Celebrate today, share it with your loved ones. But we must continue to work with the same discipline from the first workout. He did not neglect to make warnings.

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