São Paulo President Julio Casares spoke about the new coach of Sao Paulo U20 team, Alex de Souza.

Julio Casares, We want to apply the concept and idea of ​​Sao Paulo to the infrastructure. Now there is a permeability between teams. We aim to make the transition from infrastructure to a team more comfortable. Our technical committee will work together on the development of the players and promotion to the ace team. ” said.

Casares, Alex will be working for a team that has three stars and has won the Club World Cup 3 times. This is very important. Also, Alex is a very successful soccer man wherever he goes. used expressions.


Casares We Sao Paulo marketing thought in Turkey. Alex was like god in Turkey. Yapsaydı disrespect while competition could have this problem, but Alex always courteous and was honestly a footballer. Therefore everyone Alexa He concluded his words by saying .

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