Fenerbahce manager Kemal Danabaş made a statement to Derin Futbol program on Beyaz TV about the Galatasaray match

Kemal Danabaş, who speaks harsh words about Galatasaray, As we have seen many times, Galatasaray is distorting the facts, perception and oriental cunning. This is Galatasaray hypocrisy that we have been accustomed to for years. Galatasaray has been fed with chaos for years said.

Stating that Arda Turan should be punished, Kemal Danabaş said Arda Turan’s swearing in the locker room should be punished. We will follow this issue said.

Stating that Fenerbahçe’s canceled goal was 100% goal, Kemal Danabaş said, Our canceled goal was 100% gold. In the past, the side referees had an effect on the results. “ spoke.

Speaking about the swearing from the tribune in Kadıköy, Kemal Danabaş said, We are against whoever swears, 6222 is applied and penalties are given to those who swear. strong> used expressions.

Kemal Danabaş, who saidNobody writes Fenerbahce on their forehead, said, “We know that Fenerbahce healthcare workers are taken in. But nobody writes Fenerbahce on their forehead
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