Yeşilçam’s master actress Fatma Girik was taken to a private hospital in Bodrum district of Muğla with a complaint of chest discomfort the previous day. It was stated that Girik was taken to treatment for a chest disease infection, his health condition is good and he will be kept under observation for a while.

The artist’s manager, Bircan Silan, made a statement about her health and said, “Fatma Girik is in the hospital due to lack of oxygen. Her values ​​and oxygen levels have returned to normal. She is not at a critical level at the moment and is fine.”

Mother of Fatma Girik, 99-year-old Münevver Girik Dukav, was taken to Bodrum State Hospital by ambulance a few days ago. It was stated that Dukav was treated in the intensive care unit for diseases related to old age and his treatment continues.


Fatma Girik was hospitalized

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