After the notification that a flaming object fell in the forest area in Kadıköy Ömeroğlu District of Ulus district, teams affiliated to the Gendarmerie, AFAD and Forestry Directorate were sent to the region. While the teams were examining the forest area, Ulus District Governor Mehmet Sadık Kılıç came to the region and examined the works. While the teams and villagers were scanning from the land in the forest area, the area was also scanned from the air with the drone. Bartın Governor Sinan Güner said in a statement on the subject, “After a citizen from the village reported that a burning object fell from the sky into the forest area, we carried out a search and search with AFAD, gendarmerie and Forestry Directorate teams in the area. No traces were found in the studies carried out with the help of drones from the ground and from the air. We ended the work as it got dark.”


Its population has reached 6 million! 100% increase in the number of cases

Satı Çelik, who stated that she saw an object that came to Ulus for the holiday from Istanbul and fell into the forest area in flames, said, “We saw an object while sitting at home. It glided down in the shape of a fireball. Then he fell into the forest. There was no smoke. It was a big thing,” he said.

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