Manisa Great Mosque, one of the most important structures of Saruhanoğulları Principality, was built by Muzafereddin İshak Bey in 1366 by Architect Emet Bin Osman. The Great Mosque, which is one of the symbols of the city and shown as the most important and interesting mosque plan of the Principalities Period, lost its originality due to various unauthorized additions and wrong practices.

The restoration work of the mosque was started by the General Directorate of Foundations in 2018. 5 million TL was spent on the mosque, which was restored in accordance with its original form.

During the restoration, 8 years after the construction of the mosque, due to the climatic conditions, plaster scraping was done on the wall built inside, and the plaster was scraped off. 6 columns appeared. It was determined that the columns belonged to the Byzantine period. The columns that emerged with the wall shed light on history.

İzmir Foundations Regional Manager Muzaffer Ataseven stated that the mosque will be put into service at the end of this year and said:

“We know that the mosque was built in 1366. This is the exact date. Because there is an inscription at the entrance of the mosque. Then there is a wall in the middle of this mosque that we assume was built about 8 years later. When the restoration started, we did plaster and rasp work on this wall. We came across a beautiful inlaid wall. At the moment, we will leave it with joints as per the decision of the Conservation Board. There were 6 columns between the walls. Of course, it is seen that these columns and their capitals were used periodically from spolia materials. It seems that it probably belongs to the Byzantine period. After the restoration of this mosque, both It will be open to both worship and visit.


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