G.E., who lives in Istanbul, came to live with his mother G.E., who lives in Sarıfasil village of Ulus district, for Eid al-Adha. Yesterday at home, a key chain-like weapon belonging to the son played by G.E: was fired. Meanwhile, the bullet hit the chest of his son G.E., who was sitting across from him.

The 112 Emergency team, who came upon the notice, took the injured G.E. to Bartın State Hospital. G.E. From there, he was transferred to Bolu İzzet Baysal University Medical Faculty Hospital. Detained mother G.E was released after her statement at the gendarmerie.

In the studies, it was determined that the key chain gun belonging to G.E took 2 bullets. It was reported that G.E.’s condition is good and his statement will be taken as soon as his treatment is completed.

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