President of the Bordeaux blue club Ahmet Ağaoğlu “ Abdullah is a teacher that we all know, know, who has proven his career, has a place in Turkish football. If the Trabzonspor community embraced it, it was very important that our community embraced the teacher. Hodja started well, it will continue. We will see this in the coming weeks “ said.

Ahmet Ağaoğlu, who made a statement to Demirören News Agency, also made a statement for Sörloth “Sörloth is our brand ambassador. A player we have developed and sold is very important. Because it is a player that we will earn 20 percent in the next sale. We are constantly on our radar and in contact “.

The burgundy-blue president supporting his team “You can’t hear anything negative from me about the players on the team. Names like Baker, Flavio, Hugo, Edgar are on the radar of European teams. Maybe you will hear news about these names this week. Although this is a pandemic. There are sporting directors and scout teams coming to watch our players from Europe. They will come to Trabzon “

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