Beşiktaş coach Sergen Yalçın stated that they were sorry for the defeat at the press conference held after the match and said, “There were moments of breaking in the match. We had the chance to increase the score after getting ahead, but unfortunately we were not successful.” said. / p>

Stressing that they had serious bad luck in the match and Trabzonspor goalkeeper Uğurcan Çakır showed a successful performance, Yalçın said, “There are positions we missed. Trabzonspor goalkeeper has incredible saves. Congratulations. He kept his team in the match.” said.

Noting that such defeats may occur, Yalçın, “Today, besides the score, things we did not want in terms of the game developed. Especially we could not prevent ball losses. I do not think that we played badly in the match. evaluated.

Evaluating the intermediate transfer period, Yalçın said “The management tries to do everything in the economic conditions of our club. The players to be recruited have an economic dimension. If you cannot overcome this, you cannot get a player. It is not something under my control.” used the expressions.

Touching on the transfer of Cenk Tosun, Yalçın, “Cenk was one of the alternative players. We were also interested in other players. We are trying to do the best with the possibilities we have. Cenk is also a player of our community, a name that plays in the Premier League. Then I hope we can benefit from it too. “ said.

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