Fenerbahçe’s new transfer, Mesut Özil, experienced the excitement of both playing in the home field for the first time and derby for the first time in the match where his team lost 1-0 to Galatasaray in Kadıköy.

In the 63rd minute of the match, Mesut Özil, who was included in the game instead of Mert Hakan Yandaş, drew attention with his statistics. While the star football player stayed on the field for 36 minutes, including 9 minutes of overtime, he left behind the statistics of Mert Hakan Yandaş in 63 minutes, which he replaced in a very short time.


Mert Hakan Yandaş met with the ball 29 times for 63 minutes and never shot, made 14 passes with 92.9 percent accuracy, made 2 cross attempts and won only 3 of the 11 double fights he entered.


Mesut Özil, who was involved in the game instead of Mert Hakan, shot 1 shot in 36 minutes, including overtime, 21 passes with 95.2 percent accuracy, 5 crosses and 2 out of 5 double competitions.

Mesut, who sent one target shot to Galatasaray castle, could not pass the goalkeeper Muslera in the free kick he used from outside the penalty area. Mesut, who sent 5 crosses to Galatasaray castle in the fight, got 1 hit and got very close to his first assist

75. Ozan Tufan scored the goal with a head kick in the middle of Özil, who was headed by the ball in the minute free kick, but this goal was not valid due to offside.

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